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MOPO™ Features

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

At Powercentric, our core focus has been energy storage. We’ve developed a lightweight, portable battery power pack that is both, scalable and emission-free. Our solution operates in complete silence, making it the perfect product to replace standard gasoline operated generators.



The MOPO’s patent pending system uses stackable and interchangeable batteries to deliver renewable energy to replace powered gasoline engine and generator. The formula that has made gas generators the long-standing winner in industrial use, compared with waiting for batteries to recharge. Until now. With the The MOPO™ you can switch batteries even easier than refilling a gas tank.



Take power where you need it. The MOPO™ is totally silent and fume free, so use it when and where you want to. Need emergency backup? Going outdoor? Need power for a trade show presentation? Because it produces no noise and no fumes, the MOPO™ is both safe to use indoors and its use will not be restricted on any outdoor adventure.



The MOPO™ is constructed to last more than 2000 cycles. It is also compartmentalized, allowing us to recycle only the battery when it does see the end of its life, as opposed to trashing the whole unit. We’ve designed it to be easy to use so that widespread adoption is inevitable; with widespread adoption comes lasting environmental impact. We can remove millions of tons of greenhouse gases with the MOPO™!

What Makes MOPO Unique?

Rapid Recharge With Wall Socket (Grid), Solar Power or Other Power Sources

How to Charge

What MOPO LBP Powers


MOPO Power Generation System

Use MOPO™ 1000 + Add-On Batteries For Unlimited Charges.



Battery Management System via MOPO Mobile Application

  • Cell Count Detecting
  • Average Temperature Sensing
  • Cell Voltage Sensing
  • Cell Voltage Balance
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Deep Discharge Protection

About Us

At Powernheat, design, development, manufacturing, technology integration and sustainment of specialized systems are at the core of our focus. We develop and manufacture lithium battery power packs, energy storage systems and advanced 3D composite materials. The generation of fusion power enables us to tap into perpetual energy with an integrated fusion system.

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Be the global market leader in mobilize and versatile energy products & services provider.

To help reduce world-wide dependence on fossil fuels by providing affordable and clean energy for everyone.

To develop and manufacture state-of-the-art power storage and generation system thats readily, reliable, and ease of use products with excellent services.

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